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Birth Date: 1982-01-22

Nationality: Iraq




Department of Business Administration

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Strategic Management Information Technology Entrepreneurship Management Entrepreneurship Education Training SMEs Financing of SMEs
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Insurance Industry Computer App In Management

Bayar M.Rasheed Omer Marane, born in 1982 in Duhok-Kurdistan-Iraq, graduated from University of Duhok in 2003, obtained his MSc with distinction in Business Administration from the same university in 2005. He was appointed as Assistant lecturer at the department of Business Administration and later awarded scholarship to University Utara Malaysia in Malaysia when he carried out his postgraduate studies in Business Administration leading him to obtain his PhD in 2012. Dr. bayar was lecturing till 2015 at the different academic department in College of Administration and Economic\/ University of Duhok. In 2015 he got scholarship from Erasmus Mundus program and he worked for one month as visiting staff at Faculty of Management Sciences, Warsaw University, Poland he worked from 2016 to present as Assistant Professor. Dr. Bayar was appointed as director of Quality assurance and Head of Business Management Department and a member at the Cihan University Duhok president council in 2015 and appointed as a manager of scientific research and consultation bureau for academic year 2017 at the same university. Dr. bayar is a member of several distinguished academic institutes, has active scientific engagement, producing research work and participating in conferences within the region and abroad. His active academic life was inter-twined with his role as the member of university council in charge of administrative and logistics at the Cihan Universities group. Dr. Bayar was instrumental in establishing collaboration programs with local and European universities which included staff exchange and joined supervision for junior and senior staff in the university. Over the last ten years, his evolved multi-tasking skills and communication experience has enabled him to conclude difficult missions successfully; believing that any new task is a new challenge which needs to be addressed, in teamwork spirit and engage in intellectual discourse on business and management issues, review, communicate and apply appropriate theories in professional practice, evaluate problems and develop solutions in the field of business and management, disseminate new ideas and findings from research to the business, and academic communities, as well as the society in general and perform effectively as a leader in the context of an organization or the society as a whole. Have served University of Dohuk (UOD), Kurdistan Region, Iraq for almost 7 years beside had some external experiences as a Teaching Assistant at the Manufacturing Sectors and Network in Management Information Systems for about 2 years and then 2years become business consulted in Matin for mineral water. Senior lecturer, College of Administration & economic (present).Dr. Bayar (Associate Professor) is having more than ten years of experience of teaching, research, consultancy and training at universities. Teaching and research interest: Strategic Management, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Management, Entrepreneurship Education and Training, SMEs, Financing of SMEs, Bank Lending to SMEs\/entrepreneurs, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Ethics, Corporate and Public Entrepreneurship.



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Assistant Professor

 Engage in intellectual discourse on business and management issues.  Review, communicate and apply appropriate theories in professional practice.  Evaluate problems and develop solutions in the field of business and management.  Disseminate new ideas and findings from research to the business, and academic communities, as well as the society in general.  Share ideas and experience with not only their colleagues and work teams, but also other practitioners and academicians from a wide range of backgrounds, countries, organizations and disciplines.  Demonstrate professionalism and compliance to ethical standards in executing their accountabilities and responsibilities.  Contribute to body of knowledge that is of theoretical and practical significance by research.  Perform effectively as a manager by exhibiting innovativeness, good judgment, and decision; as well as providing direction for their subordinates.  Perform effectively as a leader in the context of an organization or the society as a whole.


Analyzing Data using SPSS+ AMOS+MINITAB+PLS

For Postgraduate and undergraduate


2009 – 2012


Business Management

Universiti Utara Malaysia

2004 – 2006


Business Management

University of Duhok

1999 – 2003


Business Management

University of Duhok

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Vice President for scientific affairs



Research Methodology

The course deals with the fundamental processes involved in scientific research. Prior to examining the research process, a discussion of human inquiry and science will be undertaken in order to better understand and appreciate the research process. Subsequently, a detailed examination of the research process will be undertaken beginning with a problem statement followed by a literature review, theoretical framework, research design, data analysis, and report writing. The preparation of the research proposal will then be discussed.

Publication Journal


Corruption, Terrorism and the Stock Market: The Evidence from Iraq

The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business (JAFEB) : (Issue : 10) (Volume : 7)

The current study explains how corruption, terrorism, political stability and oil price has an effect on on the Iraq stock exchange utilizing corruption perception index as a proxy of corruption, global terrorism index as proxy for terrorism, political stability and oil price with ISX60 index as proxy of stock market for the period (2005-2019) using Ordinary Least Square method. The results show that the level of corruption, terrorism activities and political stability coefficient is significantly positive with Iraq stock exchange. In contrast, the oil price coefficient is significantly negative with Iraq stock exchange, which means that lower levels of corruption, less terrorism activities and more stability in political system have strong influence on stock market development in Iraq. The study concludes that the explanatory variables are important for Iraq stock exchange. Hence, the study suggests the policy makers to develop stock market by implementing policies and strategies to overcome high level of corruption, terrorism activities especially after ISIS/ISIL announcement has been made public. There is a need for transparency and creating stable political environment through good governance practices in order to attract more foreign investment and promote economic development. Factors like terrorism and corruption make economic and political systems unstable and has an adverse effect on on Iraq’s stock exchange performance.


The Influence of Human Development, Institutional Quality and ISIS Emergence on Foreign Direct Investment in Iraq

Technium Soc. Sci. J. : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 10)

This study investigates the influence of human development and institutional quality on the foreign direct investment net inflows on the gross domestic product in Iraq for the period (2004-2016) by using OLS regression. The empirical results show that governance subindicators do not actually matter much in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows in Iraq. This variable shows fixed results with a different sign; the Political Stability (PS), Government Effectiveness (GE) and Rule of Law (RL) are the sub-indicators of the govemance with a positive sign which is insignificant, while the Voice and Accountability (VA), Regulatory Quality (RQ) and Control of Corruption (CC) are the sub-indicators of the governance index with a negative sign and an insignificant impact on FDI inflows. The value of Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) coefficient is negative and significant at 10% level.


Testing the Efficiency of Iraq Stock Exchange for Period (2010-2014): An Empirical Study

Journal of Duhok University, Humanities and Social Sciences : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 18)
University‏ ‏of Duhok

Testing the Efficiency of Iraq Stock Exchange for Period (2010-2014): An Empirical Study



How Does Information Technology Capability Shape the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Innovation Capability in Manufacturing Sectors?

Conference Book of Proceeding, 17th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development–“Managerial Issues in Modern Business”–Warsaw, Poland

- Poland

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