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Birth Date: 1988-04-13

Nationality: Iraq

Address: Duhok - KRO

Bilal Hikmat Rasheed

Assistant Lecturer

Department of Computer Science

Computer Networks Security Network Administrator Network Programmer/Analyst.
Area Interest
Computer Networks Security Security in wireless networks Cooperative communications and networking.
Teaching Materials
First Course: Algorithm Design and Programming Object oriented Programming I Artificial Intelligence I Computer Architecture Computer Networks I Computer Skill I.

Bilal Hikmat Rasheed, born in 1988, graduated from Newroz University in 2012, obtained his MSc with distinction in Computer Science from the Hamdard University in 2013. He was appointed as an Assistant lecturer at the department of computer science at Cihan University. Mr. Bilal was lecturing till 2014 at the different academic departments in the College of Computer Science in Duhok institute. Mr. Bilal is a member of several distinguished academic institutes, has active scientific engagement, producing research work and participating in conferences within the region and abroad. His active academic life was inter-twined with his role as a member of the university council in charge of administrative and logistics at the Cihan Universities group. Over the last three years, his evolved multi-tasking skills and communication experience has enabled him to conclude difficult missions successfully; believing that any new task is a new challenge which needs to be addressed, in teamwork spirit and engage in intellectual discourse on Computer Science and IT issues, review, communicate and apply appropriate theories in professional practice, evaluate problems and develop solutions in the field of IT and Computer Science, disseminate new ideas and findings from research to the IT, and academic communities, as well as the society in general and perform effectively as a leader in the context of an organization or the society as a whole. Mr. Bilal Hikmat Rasheed (Assistant Lecturer) is having more than three years of experience of teaching, research, consultancy and training at universities. Teaching and research interest: Computer Networks, Programming in several programming languages ex: C++, C#, Java, Object-oriented programming , Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Database using SQL, Computer Skills, Logic Design, CCNA1,   CCNA2, Mobile application with android devices.



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أساليب النشر العلمي في المجلات العالمية

أساليب النشر العلمي في المجلات العالمية


Nanotechnology Application

Nanotechnology Application




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Computer Science

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Cihan University-Duhok

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2011-09-10 – 2012-08-25

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Transportation and Location Sharing Platform Application in Cihan University - Duhok

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Using transprtiation appliction for cihan university -Duhok


The Role of Arduino Platform on the Computer Aplication

Hall: 216

Using Arduino Paltform for diffrence types of application


Dart - The Bright Future Of Programming Language

Hall No. 216

Mobile Programming


4G Mobile Technology Development

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Mobile generation


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2014-12-06 – 2015-02-05

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Managing Interconnected device

Managing Interconnected device

2013-02-10 – 2013-07-15

Diploma in .NET technology


2011-01-15 – 2012-08-15

English Language Programme

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Fluidized Bed Dryer with food processing Application Using Exploratory Data Analysis

International Innovative Research Journal of Engineering and Technology : (Issue : 2) (Volume : 9)

The Fluidized bed, a multi-phase innovation, makes a difference in useful contact in the midst of them, consequently, it is broadly utilized within the drying of vegetables, drug store businesses, chemical exchange, metallurgy, oil and in generating warm control. In fluidized bed forms, the strong and gas collaboration and responses in the midst of chemicals create sufficient factors which ought to be overseen, making the method exceptionally convoluted. Subsequently, to expect and assess diverse forms fluidized bed modeling and simulation are utilized all around. The prime intent of this think isn't as it were to conclude, but too to analyze and hone diverse parameters like Speed, discuss Temperature and Volume stream rateto accomplish the ideal drying rate in a fluidized bed dryer. A warming weapon with unstable temperatures is utilized to warm the air from the discuss blower, which encompasses an arrangement to switch between seven diverse speeds of discuss. The volume stream rate of the blower is consistent, i.e. 3.3 m3/min. The temperature of the discuss information (at both the entrance and exit of the drying chamber) is compared by employing a bland K-type thermocouple with 2 tests on an advanced show. What comes about, particularly the greatest drying rate is at that point approved to get the ideal values of the discuss speed, temperature, weight drop along the drying chamber and amount of dryable. The optimization of the specified parameters will be done utilizing one of the different optimization procedures accessible


MIMO Channel Measurement in Heterogeneous Networks

International Innovative Research Journal of Engineering and Technology : (Issue : 2) (Volume : 9)

Cutting-edge technologies focusing on optical efficiency, data rates, and transmission power efficiency are propelling the evolution of multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems. These innovations facilitate higher aggregation rates, particularly beneficial in large MIMO generation environments. However, the fixed nature of MIMO results in a smaller channel shape in the spatial domain, limiting dynamic adoption in various 2D channels. Despite this constraint, the distinctive channel characteristics of MIMO present opportunities for significant improvements in 5G network capacity. This study explores and compares the channel nature of MIMO, shedding light on its potential to optimize network performance in heterogeneous environments, marking a noteworthy stride in the pursuit of enhanced wireless communication technologies


A Review on Utilization of Business Analytics strategy in Tourism Industry

International Innovative Research Journal of Engineering and Technology : (Issue : 2) (Volume : 9)

Business analytics is also used to gather feedback from customers and according to that feedback, services can be improved. Data analytics also helps to convert text into data which will help to get review sentiment score. This is used to convert textual feedbacks into numbers with the analysis of positive and negative keywords. The more your assumption score isthe way better trade you're running. Numerous worldwide lodgings, aircrafts, and railroad are moreover utilizing information analytics for setting great costs and overseeing their income. It gives an in-depth audit of different applications of Trade Analytics utilized by tourism companies, and challenges related with the utilization of Trade Analytics by tourism companies. The major finding of the ponder is that Commerce Analytics has control to construct the corporate picture of the travel companies, through client engagement, brand situating, customized arrangements and through advertise division. Dim side of theTrade Analytics utilization, makes a difference in surrounding techniques which can kill the burden caused to tourism clientsalongsideharvesting greatest benefits from Commerce Analytics applications


Design a Real-time Communication System using 3CX Software-based Private Branch Exchange Phone System on Raspberry Pi Device

Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science : (Issue : 2581-8260) (Volume : 8)

With the advancement of technology, the telephone network has become the primary mode of communication worldwide, and private businesses have increased their reliance on telephone communication. Many organizations choose to establish their own service in order to manage internal calls. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the emerging technologies that may provide low-cost service with high-quality and availability. VOIP technology enables the transfer of multimedia data such as audio and video. While some VoIP services require a computer or a dedicated VoIP phone, others allow you to make VoIP calls using your landline phone via a special adaptor. Rather than using a traditional private branch exchange (PBX), we used a Raspberry pi, which is a set of credit card-sized single-board computers, as a server for handling voice and video call communications over a wired or wireless LAN network while monitoring the entire system. Wireshark is a software application that is used to capture packets in a network and present information about certain packets in as much detail as possible.


Calibration Techniques for Securing Web Application in Dual Delegation Interoperability Network Model with Green Communication

Journal of Green Engineering (JGE) : (Issue : 9) (Volume : 10)

With the increase in the growth of the Internet, web applications such as net banking, online shopping, social networking and email communications have become central and essential part of our everyday life. Web pages are no longer static; they contain dynamic content from diverse sources that may be trusted or untrusted. Providing a good security for the web application and its user becomes hard, expensive, time consuming and quite confusing. However, mitigating the attacks to secure the web application has become very essential and one of the primary liability of the web developers and researchers. Securing the web applications becomes paramount and it is an intricate process with the current technologies since they are very complex to understand, implement and maintain. Thus, the main goal of this research is to reduce the attack by minimizing the amount of time needed to create and maintain the approach. A model named “Dual Delegation Model” to protect the web applications from session attacks has been implemented on client-side and on the server-side. This DDM could be added to the client and server as delegates, does the security checks, and manage the sessions by monitoring the communications between client and the server. Keywords: Web Application, Security, Dual Delegation Model, Accuracy


An Improved Novel ANN Model for Detection of DDoS Attacks On Networks

International conference on computing : (Issue : 2278-3091) (Volume : 6)

Attacks over the internet have become an increasing menace in recent time which tries to hack or illegally tamper with the data available over the networks. On the other hand, there has been an increase in volume in research contributions to effectively counter attack these attacks and implement a strong defence mechanism. There have been numerous algorithms and frameworks implemented in recent times which are intelligent and soft computing based. These evolution based algorithms play a vital role in self adapting the system under attack towards increasing and new types of attacks which are increasing day by day. One such area of soft computing algorithms investigated in this chapter is the artificial neural network or popularly known as ANNs. They work analogous to the biological neurons in the human body. The chapter is organized in a systematic manner to give an insight in to ANN based network models to counter attack DDoS attacks which has been the primary focus of this thesis, architecture and implementation of ANNs, the experimental investigations and findings which help in drawing an inference of ANN based defence models. Key words: Network attacks, distributed denial of service attacks, ANN, training and confusion matrix.



An Improved Novel ANN Model for Detection of DDoS Attacks On Networks

International conference on computing ,Engineering and Technologies (ICCET 2019) in July 8, 2019


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