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Birth Date: 2000-07-25

Nationality: Iraq

Address: Duhok


Assistant Lecturer

Department of Medical Laboratory

General Chemistry Clinical Biochemistry.
Area Interest
Medical Health Science and Chemistry Majors Social Science Majors Laboratories Science.
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General chemistry Biochemistry Medical terminology Clinical Biochemistry Human Physiology Lab Instrumental. medical biochemistry.

Kajeen H.jasim graduated in BSc degree in chemistry science - from the University of Duhok Iraq. I obtained an MSc degree in clinical biochemisrty from zakho University ,I'm a staff member at the University of Duhok, Medical Lab. Science Department, Kurdistan Region-Iraq, and, currently, I'm a head of the Medical Lab Department in the Cihan University-Duhok, in Kurdistan Region-Iraq. I have participated and served many national and international conferences in Iraq and Kurdistan Region. I'm Very dedicated, professional, skilled Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry science .I am highly motivated to do my best when I work. I am honest, loyal, hard worker and open-minded person.



Kurdish (Native)


Arabic (Proficient)


English (Proficient)


Persian (Intermediate)



Communication skills

Communication skills are abilities us use when giving and receiving different kinds of information. While these skills may be a regular part of your day-to-day work life, communicating in a clear, effective and efficient way is an extremely special and useful skill These 5 skills are absolutely necessary for successful communication in the workplace or private life. 1.Listening. Listening is one of the most important aspects of communication. ... 2. Straight talking. ... 3.Non-verbal communication. ... 4. Stress management. ... 5. Emotion control.


Teamwork skills

Teamwork happens when people cooperate and use their individual skills to achieve common goals. abilities that allow you to work well with others during conversations, projects, meetings or other collaborations. Having teamwork skills is dependent on your ability to communicate well, actively listen and be responsible and honest.


laboratory skills and safety

Some lab skills include creating a hypothesis, record keeping, dissection, pipetting, measuring, lab safety, molecular cloning and the ability to sterilize equipment. Once you know your scientific field, you'll be able to determine what skills are expected of you in your chosen profession.



Reading Books

I love reading! When I meet friends who like to read as well I love it. I have been a voracious reader from the age of maybe five when I used to read a book. My favorite book are: 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' by J.K. Rowling. ... 'The Hobbit' by J.R.R. Tolkien. ... The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. ... The alchemist by paulo coelho ...(The Alchemist is a good book with a simple story and a lot of inspiring quotes. “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are.” “It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”) I believe that books have memories from when you read them.


Write a story

It helps our come up with new ideas or thoughts. It can help our think critically. It can help develop our language skills. It broadens our understanding towards things fictional and nonfictional.


Exercising and healthcare

Physical activity keeps the body strong and healthy and can improve mental health by decreasing symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain and loneliness. Physical activity can also improve focus, school performance, sleep and energy levels.


Playing an instrument.

Some of the brain benefits of learning a musical instrument include increased comprehension and math skills, better coordination, and a greater capacity for memory. ... Playing music will make learning easier by involving both sides of the brain in the process.


Learn New Things. ...

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Most of us like learning new things but we all acknowledge that it is a hard process. That single reason explains why others would rather choose not to learn new things because learning implies spending time and mental energy understanding, possibly, complicated things. general Skills to Learn (The FUN and USEFUL Skills) Speed Reading. ... Speak a New Language. ... computer program ... problem solving . ... writing . ...


Community service.

-Participate in a charity race. -Organize an event for Memorial Day. -Volunteer to help at a charity auction. -Organize a community blood drive -Host activities for kids in hospitals.


2012 – 2014


clinical biochemistry

duhok university

Clinical Biochemistry is the division of laboratory medicine that deals with the measurement of chemicals (both natural and unnatural) in blood, urine and other body fluids. These test results are useful for detecting health problems, determining prognosis and guiding the therapy of a patient

2006 – 2010


Science of Chemistry

university of Duhok

Chemistry is the science dealing with the composition and structure of substances and the transformations of these substances into new substances. A degree in Chemical Sciences is primarily associated with those who want to study chemistry paired with a liberal arts education

Academic Title


Assistant Lecturer

assistant lecturer of Biochemistry in medical laboratory department


2014-02-03 – 1970-01-01

Assistance lecturer

university of Duhok


I have worked asst lecturer in general chemistry and biochemistry subject at university of duhok , college of health science .

2012-03-12 – 2014-05-12

lab assistant

laboratory centre in duhok hospital


Perform laboratory tests. Prepare samples/specimens. Perform daily quality control checks. Prepare reports with reliable data

2011-03-01 – 2012-05-01

International Rescue Committee/ live skills project

International Rescue Committee


Science lecturer • Conducting assessment of learners • Organization of lesson schedules • Taking part in education and training events or schemes as required by Programs

1970-01-01 – 1970-01-01

Assistance lecture

university of duhok

College of pharmacy

I have worked as asst lecturer in general chemistry and biochemistry subject at university of duhok , college of pharmacy

Book Chapter


medical test book

زانکویا جیهان-دهوک ب دەستپێشخەریا بەرێز (پروفیسۆرێ هاریکار د.زێرڤان عبدالمحسن اسعد) سەرۆکێ زانکویێ پشتەڤانی یا زانکویێ ژ بۆ قۆتابیێن نڤیسەر و یێن شیانێن بەهرەیێن ئامادەکرنا پەرتۆک و نامیلکا هەین دەربریە ل ژێر چاپکرنا وەشانێن زانکویا جیهان-دهوک، لەوما پەرتۆکا هەڤپێچ ئێک ژ بەرهەمێن زانکویێ یە... بەرهەڤکرنا کورتیا پەرتووکێ:ٚ شیان مەهدی- قوتابیێ زانکۆیا جیهان/ پشکا زمانێ ئینگلیزی. پەرتووکا: تێنوسا ڕۆژانێت پزێشکی بەرهەڤکرن: سەفەر ئەیوب ڕێکانی بابەت: پزیشکی. پێداچوون: د.کاژین حەسن وەشان: زانکۆیا جیهان-دهوک ژ.لاپەڕان: 109 ئێک ژ پەرتووکێن گەلەک گرنگ و پێدڤی بۆ مال و پەرتووکخانێن مە هەمیا، بابەتەکێ کورت و جوان، ئەڤ بابەت و تشتێن د پەرتووکێ دا هاتین گۆتن هەمی ئەو بابەتن کۆ کەس ژ مە نینە توش نەبوویێ یان ب چاڤ نە دیتبیت، ئانکۆ تشتەکە یێ گرێدایە ب ژیانا مه ڤە، یان ب تەندروستی و ساخلەمیا مە و خۆشتڤیێن مە ڤە، لەورا پێدڤیە خۆ شارەزا بکەین د وان خالێن گرنگ دا، بو نموونە" هەوارهاتنێن دەستپێکی" ئەرێ تۆ دزانی سەرەدەیێ ل گەل وی کەسی بکەی یێ لبەر چاڤێن تە هایژخۆ نەما" ژ هۆش چوو"؟ ئەرێ دێ چەوا هەناسا وی/وێ زڤرینی ڤە دەمێ هەناسە نەما؟. لەورا دبیت مە هەمیان ب دەهان پەرتووکێن جودا جودا، تژی وێرێ ڕومان هەبن، بەس کا دا سەحەکێ لێ کەین چ پەرتووکا تەندرستی "وەکی ڤێ" دناڤ ڕەفاتکێن پەرتووکێن مە دا هەیە. دناڤ ڤێ پەرتووکێ دا ب سەدان پێزانین هاتینە بەرهەڤکرن ژلایێ ماموستا سەفەر ئەیوبی ڤە، کۆ ژ جورێن ئاریشێن ژ نیشکانڤە، پشکنینێن هەمەڕەنگ و گرنگ، زانستێ تاقیگەهێ بۆ شڕۆڤەکرنا نەخۆشیان ب گشتی. ئەڤە هندەک سەرێن بابەتان ژ ڤێ پەرتووکێ: ٭ئەو جهێن دشێین لێدانێن دلی ژێ وەربگری. ٭هەناسە نەمان + زمان قوتدان+ خوین بەربوون. ٭هەوارهاتنێن دەستپێکی بۆ "سوتن، پێڤەدانا ماری، سەرعە، ژ هوش چوون، هتد...". ٭بکارئینانا تییوبان ل دویڤ ڕەنگێن وان یێن سەرەکی. ٭پلازما و سیرەم. ٭شاشیێن دەمێ خوین کێشانێ. ٭پشکنینا BUN چییە؟ ٭ڤیتامین D. ٭پشکنینا هیموگلوبینی. ٭پشکنینێن بەری پێکئینانا هەڤژینیێ. ٭٭دەستخۆشیێ ل بەرهەڤکەرێ ڤێ پەرتووکێ دکەین بۆ بابەتێ گرنگ و پێدڤی، زۆر سوپاس بۆ زانکۆیا جیهان کۆ هەردەم پشتەڤانیا قوتابیێن خۆ دکەن، نموونەژی چاپکرنا ڤێ پەرتووکێ بۆ بەرهەڤکەرێ وێ.



Carbohydrate Metabolic Disorders

cihan university duhok

Carbohydrate metabolism disorders are a group of metabolic disorders. Normally your enzymes break carbohydrates down into glucose (a type of sugar). If you have one of these disorders, you may not have enough enzymes to break down the carbohydrates. Or the enzymes may not work properly.obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, dyslipoproteinaemia, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease and cancer are wide-spread diseases, in which carbohydrates could have a pathophysiologic relevance


Routine Biochemical Test in Clinical Laboratory

cihan university duhok

Biochemical tests are most often applied to samples of serum, plasma and urine where levels of specific chemicals are measured and the results compared with those representative of a healthy individual. An increase or decrease in any particular component(s) can help to identify a disease process.

Clinical labs are important in diseases diagnosis, determination its severity and patient response to specific treatment. Diagnosis of any disease is first done by physical examination by clinician and confirmed by lab diagnostic tests


the importance of lipid profile test

cihan university duhok

on (Feb 8, 2022) in the presence of the University President Assist Prof. Dr. (Zeravan Abdulmohssen Assad) and in the presence of the head of departments and lecturer a seminar entitled ( the importance of lipid profile test ) was presented by Assistant Lecturer (Ms. Kajeen Hasan Jasim) the head of college of health science, where it has been explained about the the importance of lipid profile test , at the end of the seminar a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject.


Blood tests for COVID-19

cihan university duhok

on (Jan 10, 2022) in the presence of the University President Assist Prof. Dr. (Zeravan Abdulmohssen Assad) also in the presence of the vice president for scientific affairs Assist Prof. (Dr. Bayar Mohammad Rasheed),, and in the presence of the head of departments and lecturer a seminar entitled (Blood tests for COVID-19) was presented by Assistant Lecturer (Ms. Kajeen Hasan Jasim) the head of medical laboratory department, where it has been explained about the Blood tests for COVID-19 , at the end of the seminar a set of questions and answers were raised on this subject.


Growth Hormone in the Human Body

cihan university duhok

Sep 19, 2021) in the presence of the University President Assist Prof. Dr. (Zeravan Abdulmohssen Assad) and the Vice President Assist Prof. Dr. (Bayar MohammedRasheed) a seminar entitled (Growth Hormone in the Human Body), was presented by Miss (Kajeen Hasan) ,where it has been explained about the growth hormone and how it is a protein hormone of about 190 amino acids that is synthesized and secreted by cells called somatotrophs in the anterior pituitary. It is a major participant in control of several complex physiologic processes, including growth and metabolism.

Training Course

2017-04-01 – 2017-04-03

Self – awareness leadership style on line site

Self – awareness leadership style on line site

2017-03-02 – 2017-03-05

coexistence and peace building

participating in three days training workshop on coexistence and peace building , implemented by Kurdish social development (KSD) in partnership with international relief and development (IRD) and the united nations development programme (UNDP)

2016-06-01 – 2016-06-03

Innovation competition

Appreciation Certificate awarded to me for the participation in the innovation competition at the made in duhok exhibition , organized by the EU , UNDP, the Governorate of duhok , and NOREL NGO.

2014-05-01 – 2014-05-07

The EndNote X4Workshop

the workshop for a new program of research The EndNote X4Workshop in ,in university of Zakho

2013-05-04 – 2013-08-01

workshop of modern teaching methods

workshop of modern teaching methods cultural center in university of duhok.

2013-04-01 – 2013-04-02



2012-02-16 – 2012-07-01

learning the basics of computer programming

learning the basics of computer programming in the cultural center in university of duhok

2010-07-01 – 2010-10-01

English language

English language in the cultural center in university of duhok


TO Recognize the most important study skills useful to students. He learns proper and useful reading methods to understand and memorize paragraphs and study topics .Realizes the most important skills and practical practices in studying and understanding the courses. He is able to solve some of the problems he faces in studying and learning. Recognize brain models in study, comprehension and analysis.He learns and studies according to his cerebral model of study, learning and understanding. Realizes and understands the concept of associative and interactive study and tries to apply it in various subjects and courses.

Soaps are the sodium salts or potassium salts of stearic acids or any other fatty acids. They are prepared by the saponification process, which is, reacting the oil which contain triglycerides with caustic soda (NaOH) to give the soap. However different oils have different composition of fatty acids which are responsible for different properties of soaps made out of them. In the present work 5 different types of oils are taken. They are blended in various ratios to prepare 14 different samples of soap. Different properties of these samples were analyzed to see which soap is the best one.

Publication Journal


Synthesis and Evaluation of a Series of 2-naphthylbenzazole Derivatives as Potential Anticancer Agents ACG Publication : (Issue : 3) (Volume : 2)

The mainstay of cancer treatment is still the use of small heteroaromatic organic molecules or natural products with the main goal to create new drugs with better selectivity and activity. Benzazoles such as benzoxazole, benzothiazole and benzimidazole have shown special biological activities viz. antitumor, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and treatment of physiological disorders [1, 2]. Structural modifications of the benzazole structures are being carried out in several ways in order to anticipate enhanced biological activities. These structural modifications have given a large number of available benzazole compounds for pharmacological research [3]. Moreover, naphthalene containing analogues have been reported as potent anticancer agents [4]. Taking into account that both benzimidazole and naphthalene are among the privileged aromatic subunits and important building blocks in medicinal chemistry since they have positive influence on anticancer activity. In this study, we have synthesized a series of 2-naphthylbenzazole derivatives and characterized their structure by spectral data. Then, antiproliferative effects of 2-naphthylbenzazole compounds against different cancer cell lines were investigated by MTT (3-[4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl]-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) method. Most of the compounds showed moderate to high activity with low IC50 values. From the synthesized compounds P-3 and P-5 exhibited the most potent anti-cancer activities against the tasted cancer cells. Especially, compound P-5 was identified as the most promising compound. Further analysis is therefore needed to determine the mode of action of active compounds.

: Compounds bearing naphthalene and benzimidazole pharmacophores have been reported to possess excellent anticancer activity. In view of this, we designed, synthesized and characterized a series of naphthalene substituted benzimidazole derivatives (11–19), and further evaluated them for antiproliferative activities by employing MTT method. Among the nine investigated molecules, compounds (11 and 13) showed good antiproliferation of the tested cancer cell lines with IC50 values ranging from 0.078 to 0.625 µM. In addition, compound (18) exhibited selective cytotoxicity against HepG2 cell lines with high safety to normal cell (HEK293). Furthermore, cytotoxicity studies of these compounds against normal Human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293) revealed that the target molecules were less selective against HEK293 as compared to methotrexate (positive control). The high potency and selective cytotoxicity suggested that compound 18 could be a starting point for further optimization to develop novel antitumor agents towards liver cancer.


Impact of Nuts Consumption On Antioxidant Status and Pro-Oxidant Parameters in Healthy Human Volunteers

Science Journal of University of Zakho : (Issue : Vol 4 No 1 (2016): June, 2016) (Volume : Vol 4 No 1 (2016))

The aim of the current research was to study the effect of consumption of a mixture of almond and pistachio on antioxidants and pro-oxidants levels in healthy human volunteers. This dietary intervention study was carried out during the period from February to March, 2013 on a total of 48 apparently healthy males students from Military Academy / Zakho, Kurdistan Region- Iraq. Blood samples were withdrawn from all volunteer who were living in a controlled environment and analyzed for the determination of serum antioxidants, pro-oxidants. Parameters were obtained at baseline, 3 and 6 weeks after daily consumption of 50 gm. of a mixture of almond and pistachio. The results of the current study demonstrated that daily consumption of 50 g of almond and pistachio mixture for 3-6 weeks, significantly increased (P<0.05-0.005) the levels of total antioxidant, Ceruloplasmin, Superoxide dismutase and Glutathione reductase. On the other hand, the levels of the pro-oxidants Malonaldehyde and Peroxy- nitrite were significantly decreased (P<0.005) after 6 weeks of nuts consumption compared to the control. From this dietary intervention trial, it can be concluded that almonds and pistachio mixture improved anti-oxidants and pro-oxidants status compared with those of the healthy volunteers.



Journal of University of Zakho : (Issue : ISSN: 2410-7549) (Volume : Vol. 2(A) , No.2, Pp 228-238, 2014)
Pp 228-238

Abstract Objective: To investigate the advantage of consumption of a mixture of almond and pistachio on blood pressure, lipid profile, sugar and protein levels in healthy volunteers. Subjects and Methods: This dietary intervention study was carried out during the period from February to March 2013. A total of 48 apparently healthy males students from Military Academy / Zakho, Kurdistan Region of Iraq participated in this study. All the students were living in a controlled environment. Blood samples were taken and analyzed for the determination of serum glucose, lipid profile, total protein, albumin and globulin. Parameters were obtained at baseline, 3 and 6 weeks after daily consumption of 50gm of almond and pistachio mixture. Results: The results of the current study demonstrated that daily consumption of 50 gs of almond and pistachio mixture for 3-6 weeks significantly ( P<0.05 – 0.001) decreased the diastolic blood pressure and the level of blood glucose , whereas body mass index (BMI) was not influenced at all. Serum total protein, albumin and globulin levels were significantly increased (P<0.05-0.005). Finally, Total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TG), low density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-ch), very low density lipoprotein cholesterol ( VLDL-ch), TC/HDL and LDL/HDL were significantly decreased (P<0.05-0.005) after 6 weeks of nuts consumption, where as high density lipoproteincholesterol, was significantly increased (P<0.01). Conclusion: This dietary intervention trial, demonstrated that almonds and pistachio mixture improved blood glucose , total protein, and lipid profile to much better levels than that obtained previously using each one separately in healthy volunteers.



PTSD and hormonal imbalance on internally displaced women in Northern Iraq

The Second Scientific International Conference For Biology and Pure Sciences (SSICBPS2022)

mosel - Iraq


World Forum for Women in Science 2022 (WFWS, Malaysia) and the 7th International Conference for Women in Science Without Borders from September 12 - 15, 2022 online.

Publisher : Building a Gender Inclusive Sustainable Future Through Science, Technology and Innovation
Putra Malaysia - Malaysia

internally displaced Yazide women in Northern Iraq: PTSD and hormonal EVALUATION


Publisher : Country Partner: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry
Sofia Tech Park, Boulevard “Tsarigradsko Shose” 111 - Bulgaria