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Birth Date: 1971-10-15

Nationality: Syria

Address: Avro City

Newroz Ramadan Khalil

Assistant Professor

Department of English

Drama Poetry and Novel
Area Interest
Languages Music Teaching Debates Seminars
Teaching Materials
Short story Early Modern Drama 18th c. Drama Literary Criticism Introduction to literature General English Essay writing

Dr. Nawroz R. Khalil Obtained her B.A. in 1997 in Language and Literature from Aleppo University- Syria. In 2002, she accomplished M.A. in Literature, Drama and Poetry from Aleppo University- Syria under the name of “The Influence of Western Literature on the Eastern one”. She achieved PhD in 2006 in the Literature- Drama and Poetry from Aleppo University- Syria under the name of “The Influence of Literature on University Courses”. She worked at Aleppo University- Syria from 1997 to 2010. Through her work at the Aleppo University she used to work in different positions namely: heading the missions of international researches, a member in the head university committee, head of the English department, supervising student’s research papers. From 2010 to 2014 she worked at Duhok University , College of Basic Education/ Department of English. Currently she is a head of English Department at Cihan University. Dr. Nawroz has participated in many different workshops and conferences in Iraq (Kurdistan region), Syria and Lebanon related to language and literature. In addition to that she worked at International organizations such as ACTED as supervisor on awareness campaign to refugees who came frustrated from war.



Kurdish (Native)


English (Proficient)


Arabic (Native)


French (Proficient)




-Teaching Language specially Grammar, - Communication, - Debates



- supervising BA students' researches such as "Themes of the Century connecting to the work of Art", ,etc. -supervising MA Students' researches such as " Comparison between Old and Modern Literature" - supervising research articles such as " The Nature of Poetry in French and English Literature"



Reading Work of Art

(1)Novel: Lord of the Flies, The Old Man and the Sea , Animal Farm, ULYSSES, etc. (2) Drama: Hamlet, Jew of Malta, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, King Lear, etc. (3) Poem: Shakespeare's Sonnets, Venus and Adonis, etc. (4)Short Story: The Necklace, The Bet, Rosamunde Dilemma, etc. (5) Modern and Old Literature.



Languages such as French, English, Arabic Literature such as Novel, Drama, Poetry, Short story, Literary Criticism, and Comparative Literature.



Participating in teaching Piano lessons in the music center in Aleppo city .


2002 – 2006


Literature- Drama and Poetry

Aleppo University

The Influence of Literature on University Courses

2000 – 2002


Literature- Drama and Poetry

Aleppo University

The Influence of Western Literature on the Eastern one.

1992 – 1997


Language and Literature

Aleppo University

Academic Title


Assistant Professor


Assistant Lecturer


2009-01-01 – 1970-01-01


Institution of Lingual land Grammar for Foreigners .


Giving lectuers

2008-02-03 – 2010-07-20

Headed the missions of International researches

Aleppo University


(1)Sharing and organizing the courses of the University related to Art and Humanity.

2007-05-06 – 2010-08-08

A member in the Head University Committee .

Lebanese University of Science and Art


Arranging decisions regarding English Department .

2007-04-15 – 2010-07-25

A Member in the Head University Committee .

Aleppo University


Related to the courses, activities, decisions and arranging missions of the English Department.

2007-01-01 – 1970-01-01


University of Sciences and Arts


Giving lectures in French Literature.

2002-01-01 – 2006-01-01

Head of the English department

Aleppo University


Head of the English department at Aleppo University.



Chemistry of Charisma

Cihan University

Characteristics of Charismatic people, leadership, Geneon, Body Language and eye contact, Affability's elements.


International Epics

Cihan University

Presenting two seminars on International Epics for the staff of Cihan University.


Platonic love

Cihan University / Duhok

Discussion between Plato and Socrates in a symposium, the similarities and differences about love and mind.


Voltar's Work

Aleppo University- Syria

The most important novels and plays for Voltar in French Literature.


Shakespearean Literature

Aleppo University- Syria

Shakespeare's globe theatre and its element in the Elizabethan theatre.



Endowments and Religious Affairs

Duhok Governorate

The basic role of English Language

Publication Journal


Using Music for Developing Language Skills in the English Language Classroom

Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT) : (Issue : 12) (Volume : 12)
Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT)

From the birth of humanity to religion and science, music has been an integral part of the existence of mankind. Music, whether natural or man-made, has undeniable impacts on the psyche and the overall wellbeing of an individual. It is only natural that in the field of learning too, music can have an impeccable influence. In almost every sphere of life, we can feel the presence and importance of music. Language, like music, is a mirror of culture and society. It evolves with time while capturing diverse aspects of cultures and civilisations. Since speech functions and music functions depend on each other, it becomes fairly obvious, that music impacts neural pathways in the human brain, thus influencing human’s ability to communicate. Music and language are vibrational in nature. Musical hearing is essential for acquiring, processing and producing language. Several independent language learners pick up language items from songs. A lot of essential skills can also be developed among learners. Students with certain learning disabilities can enormously benefit from learning through music. This article will cover each of these areas and will explore practical ideas and approaches of implementing music to teach language. A sample lesson plan, comprising stages and tasks, is analysed, along with a list of suggested songs for different language structures. On the whole, this article aims to capture the importance of music in human life and its prominence in language acquisition.


Online teaching: Insufficient application of technology

Materials Today: Proceedings : (Issue : NA) (Volume : NA)
Materials Today: Proceedings

Technology, in the year 2020, has attained its utmost use by becoming the solution for people across the world in all sectors. Despite the use of applications like Zoom, Google Meet, Kahoot, and Google Classroom, teaching language online has proved to be a challenging task without the presence of a live teacher. This paper aims to throw light on the technological gap and its pace that has not matched the necessity of the period. The analysis of an example from the English Language Teaching will not show what technology lacks in this field, but also serve as a guidance for the developers of future artificially intelligent software and applications. As teaching and computing are two different fields, it is the researchers’ duty to bridge the gap by meticulously explaining the limitations in the currently existing applications and the necessary features in the yet to be developed ones.



Post Modernism - A View

International Conference on Contemporaneity of Language and Literature in the Robotized Millennium

Publisher : NA
Chennai - India