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Birth Date: 1984-02-24

Nationality: Iraq

Address: Duhok

Shivan Abdulrahman Jameel


Department of Accounting

Business Management
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Strategic Management Marketing Management International Management Entrepreneurship
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Mr. Shivan Abdulrahman Jameel obtained his BSc in 2009 in Business Administration from University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region Iraq. In 2013, he accomplished MSc. in International Business with Financial Services from University of Huddersfield / UK under the name of “Evaluation Configuration of Entrepreneurial University in the UK". Mr. Shivan has been granted a Scientific Title as an (Assistant lecturer) by Scientific Title Examination Committee in the College of Administration and Economics on 10/06/2013. His scientific title has been promoted to (Lecturer) on (18/07/2017). Through his work at the University of Duhok he used to work in different positions namely: Manager of Public Relation, Manager of Planning, a member in the examination committee, and he has nearly 8 years of services and experience in teaching different subjects in different universities (University of Duhok, Cihan Unversity - Duhok, Duhok Polytechnic University & University of Nawroz). Mr. shivan has participated in many different workshops and conferences in Iraq (Kurdistan region). Currently, He is working as a lecturer at Business Administration Department at Cihan University - Duhok and Tourism & Hotel Management Department at the University of Duhok. He has published 5 papers in different Academic Journals.



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2012 – 2013


International Business with Financial Services

University of Huddersfield (UK)

2005 – 2009


Business Administration

University of Duhok

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Assistant Lecturer

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2013-09-13 – 2013-11-13

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The possibility of building the relationship with the customer in service organizations

Academic Journal of Nawroz University : (Issue : No 4 (2020)) (Volume : 9)

This research aims to adopt the relationship of the customer in the service organizations. However, in order to reach this goal, some private banks were selected from Duhok, Kurdistan Region, to be the samples of this research. The researchers rely on the use of statistical approach to access the data, then processing it by using (SPSS V.24). The research reached a set of conclusions and recommendations, such as the relationship with the customer is considered the key to maintain it in the banks under study. In addition, the results showed that these banks pay attention to the relationship with the customer but by a fairly weak ratio. Therefore, the research suggests that in order to maintain these banks active and competitive, they should work on increasing the ability of administrative leaders to cope with psychological and social pressures at work by indulging them in specialized courses to increase their knowledge and skill levels in managing the relations with customers, and to promote the spirit of initiative in providing assistance and support to customers.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of liquidity management in the profitability of commercial banks listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange during the period 2006-2016. Data were collected from the annual financial statements of the banks. In order to analyze data, the current ratio (CR) was used as a proxy for liquidity as an independent variable while the return on assets (ROA) and the return on equity (ROE) were used as proxies for banks' profitability as dependent variables. The results of the study indicate that all of the variables under study are stationary at first differenced by utilizing Panel Unit Root Tests (Levin-Lin Chu and Hadri LM Methods). The outcomes of panel cointegration test showed that there is no long-term relationship among variables. In addition, the paper revealed that, in short term, the liquidity of banks plays an insignificant negative role in banks’ profitability for both ROA and ROE by employing pooled regression model, Fixed Effect and Random Effect models. Therefore, this study recommended that banks' managers should take the advantage of investing their liquidity in various projects to obtain more profitability and then help governments to decrease their unemployment and recession in economy. Keywords: Liquidity, banks profitability, Co-integration, Commercial Banks, Iraq Stock Exchange.


The Role of Emotional Intelligence on Achieving Administrative Innovation

Academic Journal of Nawroz University : (Issue : No 2 (2017)) (Volume : 6)

As the time passes, organizations need more innovation in their work because there are many organizations that work in the same field as well as changes increase. Innovation in organizations, especially educational ones has become a necessary and fundamental thing because of technological, economic and social changes. Therefore, innovation plays a vital role in keeping and developing the organizations in the light of contemporary changes. The current study focused on the nature of the relation and the impact among the dimensions of emotional intelligence as an independent variable and administrative innovation as a dependent variable. The study was conducted on a sample of two private universities in Duhok governorate; Nawroz and Cihan Campus –Duhok. The study offered a theoretical framework to explain both variables in order to answer a set of questions that are stated in the content of the research problem. (SPSS V.20) was applied to analyze the participant responds to examine the relation and impact between the variables. A number of theoretical and field results were concluded. One of the important conclusions is that the emotional intelligence is considered to be a key of achieving the administrative innovation in the organization; the administrative innovation plays a significant role in approaching competitive advantages in addition to entrepreneurial and innovation achievement in organizations. In the light of that, a number of recommendations have been presented that can contribute to develop emotional intelligence in selected organizations, One of the important recommendations is that managers and heads of departments should be encouraged to innovate, broaden their horizons to develop their abilities, expand their awareness and support their innovative abilities so that they will be able to make appropriate decisions to solve those problems that organization encounter.


Customer’s Awareness towards the Islamic Banking System Case Study on Selected Banking In Duhok City- Kurdistan Region

Humanities Journal of University of Zakho (HJUOZ) : (Issue : Vol. 5 No. 1 (2017): 2017-03-30) (Volume : 5)

Islamic banking system (IBS) is one of these sectors that affect the economy and it works with free interest rate. This study investigates the level of customer’s awareness toward IBS. The study was conducted on the two Islamic Banks only in Duhok city- Kurdistan Region. The data were collected using structured questionnaire and the sampling was random. Descriptive statistics and Statistical Package Social Science (SPSS V.20) were used to analyze the participants’ responses. The results indicated that customers of Cihan Islamic bank - Duhok and Kurdistan International Bank for Investment and Development are not fully aware of Islamic banking system. Therefore, the study suggests that for Islamic banks to remain active and competitive they need to develop quality-service level in order to supersede the conventional banking standards, invest in new products and services and also develop an effective communication plan by advertising and marketing in order to achieve Islamic customer needs and demands. KEYWORDS: Customer’s Awareness, Islamic Banking System (IBS), Islamic Banking Operation, Duhok - Kurdistan Region

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