Phone : +964 (750) 392-7001

Birth Date: 1994-06-04

Nationality: Iraq

Address: Zirka

Haitham ALHAJI

Department of Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Deep Learning
Area Interest
Computer Vision Image Processing Cross-Platform Developing Embedded Systems
Teaching Materials
Computer Skills Academic Computing

Ever since I was a little kid, software development has been my passion. I still remember sitting in front of a computer, making it print "Hello, Haitham" for the very first time. As I went through the BASIC tutorial, it was almost magic, being able to get the computer to do whatever I wanted, just by typing in these funny little symbols, limited only by my own imagination and ingenuity. Throughout middle and high school, I latched on to any ideas for projects I could get, moving from "Hello World" all the way to a simple First Person Shooter engine, with dozens of projects in between. I learned C, then C++, tearing through any books I could find on anything remotely related to software development. I was insatiable. This passion carried me through my education at Mosul's University (B. Sc.). Here there were more resources available to me than I ever could have imagined as a kid. I studied new languages, algorithms, compilers, higher mathematics, all with pretty much the same fascination that drove me as a kid. And it was here that I learned truly how much there was yet to learn. It was the first step of organing my previous information. Moreover, I had decided to complete my academic education to acquire more academic skills in BAU as a master's degree. Really, it was a helpful stage of my life by enhancing Hatiham's knowledge in what he likes. On another hand, whereas I was studying, I was working in the same position as my department. So, now, in industry, this passion remains with me. There's certainly yet more to learn, yet more problems to solve, and yet more to build. And for this, I am very grateful.



English (Proficient)


Arabic (Proficient)


Kurdish (Proficient)


2012 – 2016


Computer Science

University of Mosul

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