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Birth Date: 1984-10-19

Nationality: Iraq

Address: zerika street

Nawar Al-Saadi

Assistant Professor

Department of Business Administration

International Economic
Area Interest
Economics Business Management tourism financial management.
Teaching Materials
Teaching material: (First Course): Central bank Financial Management Fund Management Production management

Dr.Nawar Nadem Rashed Al-Saadi, (born19th October 1984) in Baghdad-Iraq, has Graduated in Ph.D in International Economics from the University of Bucharest, Romania, he is presently working director of research center at Cihan University- Duhok. In addition, an expert in strategic planning and consultant in Romanian Iraqi commerce diplomacy chamber and Economist at Middle East Political and Economic Institute in Bucharest, Romania. He has over 15 years of extensive experience in international economic development especially in the field of management, marketing and international relations. He has worked with government institutions and the private sector in different countries and he has published more than 43 scientific research in international journals. Fluent in Arabic, English and Romanian.



Arabic (Native)


English (Proficient)


Romanian (Proficient)



Job-related skills

- Expert in strategic planning institutional. - Ability to research and write scientific research. - Good experience in the field of economic development and tourism management. - Good teaching competences gained through the accomplishment of the Psycho-pedagogical Module.


Communication skills

- Good communication skills gained through the experience as participant with paper presentations at scientific conferences, symposiums, workshops during all the education levels. - Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. - Good communication skills gained through my experience as general manager. - Good communication skills with tourists through my experience in hotels.


Organisational / managerial skills

- Ability to manage time and priorities workload to ensure efficient delivery of all aspects of tasks. - High level of attention to detail. - Highly organised and efficient. - Polite and professional manner.


2010 – 2014


International Economic

University of Bucharest

PhD in human geography, specialization International economic relations, PhD thesis title "The role of the international relations in the development of the tourism sector". The period of study 4 years.

2006 – 2008


Master in Business Administration

Arab University of Beirut

Master degree in Management from, faculty of Management and Economics in Administration, Department of Business and Administration. Master's Thesis Title " Total Quality Management: the form in the management of the modern state"

2002 – 2006


Management Tourism

University of Mustansiriyah

Bachelor degree from, faculty of Management and Economics, department of Tourism.

Academic Title


Assistant Professor

Director of Consulting & Research Center


2018-10-01 – Present

Director of Research Center

Cihan University -Duhok


Lecturer at the Faculty of Management and Economy in addition to my work as Director in Research Center. Main duties are: • Teach students at the university, following approaches: Economics, General Administration, and Strategic Management. • Conducted some research’s on the Economic development and management was published in the Journal of the university. • Follow up research and reports of professors at the university.

2015-04-06 – Present


Middle East Political and Economic Institute (MEPEI)


Main duties are: • Dialogue, research and advocacy MEPEI works to strengthen the relationship between the Middle East and the EU. • Informal meetings, conferences, lectures, seminaries and workshops MEPEI promotes and supports innovative thinking in public and foreign policy, as well as in business. • Help dispel misperceptions about the Middle East through articles and appearance in media. • Publishes reports covering the contemporary Middle East.

2013-09-01 – 2018-09-29

Lecturer and Senior Researcher

University of Bucharest


Main duties are: • Part of a research team working in project for the development of the surrounding countryside areas in Bucharest. • Conduct literature reviews and collect and analyze data. • lecturing to university students in specializations management and economic. • Provide ready access to all experimental data. • Supervise undergraduate students working on the research project. • Develop and implement research quality control procedures. • Attend area seminars and other meetings as necessary. • Prepare other articles, reports, and presentations and monitor the project budget.

2008-11-02 – 2010-09-02


Iraqi Ministry of Justice


Main duties are: • Conducted analysis and provided for the court and tribunal-related services, collection of fines and reparations, electoral services. • Schedule meetings and prepare appropriate agendas for meetings and conferences relating to the Minister of Justice. • Conducted research and advised on the justice sector. • Provision of policy advice.


2017-02-06 – Present

Member of the Romanian Academy of Economics

2015-07-05 – Present

A member of the Association of Iraqi economists in Baghdad

2009-04-06 – 2010-09-30

A member in the Assembly of the Council of State Member (Ministry of Justice Iraqi)

2007-11-12 – Present

Member of the World Tourism Organization in Beirut

Book Chapter

Targeted this book, primarily, the study of the relationship between international relations and tourism, and what the importance of the role of these relationships in the development of the tourism sector, where tourism contributes to closer international relations , cultural, civilization and economic relations between the various countries of the world, especially between neighboring countries, which lead to support peace, security and stability between nations, tourism contribute also to show the reality of the country and society world-wide in order to obtain gain positions and upheld the world towards political positions . Tourism has become the first cover of international relations.

There are deep flaws in this view of globalization. The chief one is that established fact and known economic patterns don’t support skepticism about the benefits of trade and cross border investment. While open economies always are subject to new competition and structural changes that affect firms and jobs, the flip side of the coin is that the same economic processes create a lot of new jobs and business opportunities, and ultimately improve the living standards. Moreover, the new jobs that are created tend to be better rewarded and come with better working conditions. New output is often greener and thrives on new technology, leading to positive change also outside the economy. This book will take a thorough view about the impact of globalization on the economy of Brazil and how it began and where it arrived. Economy of Brazil is the world's sixth largest economy by nominal GDP and eighth largest by purchasing power parity. The Brazilian economy is characterized by a mixed economy that relies on import substitution to achieve economic growth. Brazil has an estimated US$21.8 trillion worth of natural resources which includes vast amounts of gold.

Economics is a very significant field to master if you want to succeed in life, or at the least, understand how the world around you influences your conditions and decisions. Economics governs everything from the price you pay for your coffee to the Politics governing you and the rest of the country. Think about all the things that is happening now wars, political conflicts between countries and companies compete, if you don't care about these things think about your consume: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, healthcare, and entertainment. How do you acquire those items? You do not produce them yourself. You buy them. How do you afford the things you buy? You work for pay. Or if you do not, someone else does on your behalf. Yet most of us never have enough to buy all the things we want. If you still do not believe that economy is not important, consider the following: Does everyone need food to eat? Does everyone need a decent place to live? Does everyone have access to healthcare? In every country in the world, there are people who are hungry, homeless (for example, those who call park benches their beds), and in need of healthcare, just to focus on a few critical goods and services. Why is this the case? All of these problems will be understood if we understand the economy and its impact on our lives.

Training Course

2019-04-01 – 2020-01-30

Advanced Teaching Methods Course

A course in teaching methods as a new method in modern education. The duration of the course is 9 months

Publication Journal



Academic Journal of Accounting and Economics Researches :

Water resources form the artery of the basic life for the environment in the dried areas and semi-dried ones. As to Iraq, it located within this kind of area whose water resources confronted many threats and harms, especially during the second half of the last century; many broad areas of its marshes, the amounts of water of its lakes and of its flowing rivers shrank dried because of the establishment of dams and irrigation projects in Syria, Turkey, and Iran. In Iraq a great percentage of the countryside populations began to suffer from the scarcity of drinkable water. The problem of the decrease of the amount of water entering into Iraq is considered one of the most important yet influential environmental problems because of its close relationship with human, agriculture, industry, and the biodiversity. This study aims at verifying the great harm which is caused by establishing great watering projects in Syria and Turkey, which are conducive to great shortages in the water amounts of River Euphrates which have been allotted to Iraq.


Iran’s Stakes in Syria’s Economy

Academic Journal of Accounting and Economics Researches :

Cost analysis of dry storage of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) discharged from Barakah nuclear power plants in the UAE was performed using three variables: average fuel discharge rate (FD), discount rate (d), and cooling time in a spent fuel pool (Tcool). The costs of dry storage as an interim spent fuel storage option in the UAE were estimated and compared between the following two scenarios: Scenario 1 is ‘accelerated transfer of spent fuel to dry storage’ that SNF will be transferred to dry storage facilities as soon as spent fuel has been sufficiently cooled down in a pool for the dry storage; Scenario 2 is defined as ‘maximum use of spent fuel pool’ that SNF will be stored in a pool as long as possible till the amount of stored SNF in the pool reaches the capacity of the pools and, then, to be moved to dry storage. A sensitivity analysis on the costs was performed and multiple regression analysis was applied to the resulting


Developing a camp performance indicator system and its application to Zaatari, Jordan

Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 4)

The purpose of this paper is to present the initial results of the Camp Performance Indicator (CPI) system to illustrate the importance of self-reliance of refugee camp dwellers with regard to infrastructure and service investments.


Integration of the Demand Side Management with Active and Reactive Power Economic Dispatch of Microgrids

Springer, Singapore :

This paper presents a fully developed integration of the demand side management (DSM) into multi-period unified active and reactive power dynamic economic dispatch of the microgrids (MGs) combined with unit commitment (UC) to reduce the total operating cost or maximizes the profit with higher security. In the proposed optimization approach all consumers, such as residential, industrial, and commercial one can involve simultaneously in the DSM techniques. The shifting technique is applied to the residential load, while demand bidding programme (DBP) is applied to the industrial and commercial loads. The proposed optimal approach is tested on a low voltage (LV) hybrid connected MG including different types of loads and distributed generators (DGs). The results reveal that the proposed optimization approaches reduce the operating cost of the MG, while there are no impacts of the DSM on the profit.


Factors critical for the success of public‒private partnerships in UAE infrastructure projects: experts' perception

International Journal of Construction Management : (Issue : 3) (Volume : 16)

During the last decade, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been the biggest market for public–private partnerships (PPPs) in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Currently, PPPs are increasingly being used in the rapid development of UAE infrastructure projects. Despite this fact, little is known about the success factors for adopting such an approach for the infrastructure projects in the UAE. Twenty-one in-depth interviews were held with PPP experts and key personnel who have experience in the development life cycle of PPP infrastructure projects in the UAE in order to investigate their perception of the key success factors of PPP in UAE infrastructure projects and examine the relative importance of these factors.


Environmental Issues Concerning the Economic Development of Tourism in Iraq

J Glob Econ : (Issue : 182) (Volume : 4)

Environmental pollution is one of the main factors that stand as an obstacle in the development of the tourism sector. In Iraq, within the last three decades, this issue has had significant impacts on the ecological, economic and social sectors, particularly on the tourism sector. Within the context of a structural adjustment, our first purpose is to look at how the relationship between the economic development, the environmental protection and tourism progresses, while reviewing key elements of the relationship between tourism and the environment, with particular reference to the environmental impacts of tourism in Iraq. Following a general overview of the importance of the environment for tourism, a brief review concerning the difficulties of monitoring environmental changes and managing tourism effects in destination areas is presented. Finally, several key questions and research subjects needing further consideration have been identified.



Revista romana de sociologie :

This work is based on the idea that the current situation of Romanian agriculture, its low level of development and the poverty prevailing in the rural areas are, to a great extent, determined by Romania’s agrarian structure. The work analyses Romania’s current agrarian structure according to size-related (dimensional) categories of agricultural establishments, as well as according to its development over a period of approximately one century (from 1921–the great agrarian reform–to 2015) and its impact on the social situation of the rural population.


Importance of English language in the development of tourism management

Academic Journal of Accounting and Economics Researches : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 4)

Language has great importance in the dialogue and understanding between tourists and tourist facilities. And the English today is international language, and most of the tourist establishments require employees to speak English in addition the local language of the country because the English now has become the familiar language for almost all human beings. There are a lot of institutes that give courses in language. As the tourism need to friction with foreigners directly so we will focus in this paper on the importance of the English language in the bi Sector Development. This paper also encourages practitioners to pay attention on the language issue. Collaboration among educational providers and tourism organizations is required if they want to compete in the global market.


Insights into the main difficulties of achieving sustainable development of tourism in Iraq

Annals of the University of Oradea, Geography Series/Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Seria Geografie : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 24)

Tourism development is one of the important ways to achieve integrated economic development through the compatibility between the various productive and service sectors, and to make progress in quality and level of life. Yet this purpose cannot be achieved as a final aim without achieving the benchmarks in both the productive and service sectors. But the questions that arise regard the obstacles that hinder the path of the sustainable tourism development in Iraq and their impact on the tourism sector in the country. The research deals with descriptions of the most important determinants of domestic tourism in Iraq and shows that many of these quantifiable factors are of notable quality, while some are quantified and possibly included in the model record. From here, the focus will be laid on these factors as a driver and a motif to address the negative issues in the tourism industry of Iraq, especially since Iraq has become increasingly dependent on domestic tourism, more than on international tourism, in the light of deteriorating security conditions that stand as a major impediment in the entry of foreigners inside the country.



After selection in the human resources to achieve the objectives of strategic planning

Global development HR Manager

Publisher : Investment in human capital mainstay in sustainable development
Athens - Greece

Developments in the fight against terrorism and the new challenges in the Middle East

Middle East Political and Economic

Bucharest - Romania

A comprehensive study in the development

A comprehensive study in the development of the suburbs of Bucharest

Publisher : Center for Scientific Research for the Studies of Economic Development
Bucharest - Romania

Iraq between conflicts and reconstruction

Iraq between conflicts and reconstruction

Publisher : European Foundation Titulescu,
Bucharest - Romania

Regional conflict and its impact on the Arab economy

Regional and Economy

Publisher : Arab University of Beirut
Beirut - Lebanon

The global financial crisis and reform of the mechanisms of the capitalist economy

The International Conference Economists,5-8 February

Publisher : University of Damascus, Syria
Damascus - Syria, Syrian Arab Republic


Excellence and Creativity Award

Honored by the President of the Republic of Romania Mr. Johannes, Due to the completion of the Bucharest countryside development project

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