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Thikra Abdulqader Mohammed

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The role of Situational and Cultural Variables on Kurdish EFL Learners’ Willingness to Communicate in English

گۆڤارى زانکۆ بۆ زانستەمرۆڤایەتییەکان : (Issue : 4) (Volume : 27)

Willingness to communicate (henceforth, WTC) is an individual’s preparedness to voluntarily communicate with a particular individual or individuals in a specific context, using the target language. The present mixed-method study investigates Kurdish EFL learners’ WTC in English in the learning environment, particularly the role of situational and cultural variables. This study set out to identify the variables which foster or impede learners’ WTC in English so that language teachers can promote or control the variables within the classroom to optimize learners’ WTC in English. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected from 3rd year English majors employing a semi-structured questionnaire and an observation scheme. Analysis of data demonstrated that situational, cultural, psychological, and linguistic variables influenced learners' WTC in the learning environment. Findings lend support to the complex nature of WTC as an array of variables was found to underlie learners’ WTC in English. Finally, the findings gave rise to pedagogical suggestions for language educators, with particular reference to the implications of teaching Kurdish students in an EFL classroom environment.