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Birth Date: 1995-01-15

Nationality: Iraq

Address: Duhok

Zeravan Ayoub Ahmed

Assistant Lecturer

Department of Public Education

English Language and Literature
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Teaching Language Learning Language Teaching English English as a Foreign Language Seminars
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Composition Short Story

Mr. Zeravan Ayoub Ahmed successfully earned his Bachelor's degree in English Language from Duhok University in 2016. Continuing his academic pursuit, he went on to attain a Master's degree in English Language and Literature from Cyprus International University in 2020. Presently, he holds the position of Assistant Lecturer and serves as the Head of the English Department at Cihan University-Duhok, located in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. His research interests encompass the fields of English Language Teaching (ELT), Language Linguistics, and Literature. Beyond his academic responsibilities, he has actively contributed to the research field by publishing several articles in international journals. His commitment to the advancement of knowledge and education is evident through his academic background, leadership role at Cihan University-Duhok, and his noteworthy contributions to the research community.



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Cihan University-Duhok

a belief that is not based on reason or scientific thinking and that explains the causes for events in ways that are connected to magic, particularly the belief that future events can be foretold by specific unrelated prior events.


Old Sayings

Cihan University - Duhok

Most cultures have old sayings that reveal a lot about the values of that society. Even though each culture has its own unique way of expressing these values, sometimes the basic message is similar. In this seminar, some old sayings will be explained from different cultures and nationalities that express important ideas of their own culture.

This seminar deals with understanding and reaching the new generation of students in higher education and aligning to their learning styles. Educators in higher education are struggling with nowadays students. They have problems activating them in class. We educators belong to previous generations and need to familiarize with the characteristics of the new student generation to find appropriate ways to improve our teaching process and the learning outcomes. After knowing the characteristics of the students as generation educators also need guidance to use adequate methods and to optimize the communication, Educators must collaborate with learners to understand one another and make changes in the learning environment. In higher education, learners need to develop both intellectually and personally to become productive citizens. Assessing the learner characteristics, reflecting on the context of which Gen Zs learn and becoming interactive with today's students rather than only reacting to learners, leads to a more learner-centered environment. Teaching of Gen Z students demands a student-centered approach as the only possible way to develop skills, abilities and knowledge, promote self-expression and keep students motivated during the whole period of studies. Finding appropriate teaching approaches and developing materials and tasks with multimodal personalized use of technology means that educators have to be always at least one step ahead of the times and constantly learn how to adapt in the didactical process.


Maxims of speech

Cihan Univeristy - Duhok

Human beings need communication to interact with each other, the major function of human language is communication. Effective and efficient communication needs a significant contribution of information. The most influential contribution to linguistics is Grice’s theory of implicatures. To avoid misinterpreting and misunderstanding of the interlocutors in conversation Grice permits four maxims which are maxim of quality, quantity, relevance, and manner. These four maxims describe specific rational principles observed by people who follow the cooperative principle in pursuit of effective communication. The four maxims proposed by Grice that is, Maxim of Quantity, Quality, Relation and Manner can be found in this drama and there are also cases in which the contribution made by the speakers flout and opt out of a maxim. In communication the rules called maxims should be observed to have an effective conversation.


speech and thought presentation in stylistics

Cihan University - Duhok

Speech and thought presentation investigate how a speaker or writer presents the speech or thought of other people and characters. There is a range of ways in which writers and speakers can present others' words or thoughts, and the choices made are important in determining what sort of impression the reader or listener will get of the character whose speech or thoughts are presented. The categories of presentation of speech and thought present a wide variety of possibilities for writers. Through the variant of speech and thought presentation categories as well as with the discourse of the characters and the discourse of the narrator, the fictional and nonfictional world can be analyzed. The speech of the narrator involves narrator commentary, non-verbal language, interpretation, etc. of the narrative. However, the speech of the character consists of the verbal event of the stories.

Writing is an intricate and complex task; it is the most difficult of all the language abilities to acquire. Teaching English writing to learners has many challenges. Therefore, they are more prone to committing errors. Traditional methodologies do not help a lot. Unless the teacher is able to create an interest in the minds of the learners. Many students are able to understand the language, but most of the students face the problem of communicating their ideas effectively. The problem is the lack of both: the adequate stock of English vocabulary and creativity in writing. It is evident that writing is the biggest challenge for many students.

Anxious students are often concerned about others' impressions of them. When such students are confronted in a classroom with an uncomfortable learning situation, they may choose to withdraw from the activity. Some learners believe they cannot perform in English. The purpose of this seminar is to analyze the students' types of anxiety in English-speaking class and the reasons behind the speaking anxiety among the students.


Speaking Enhancement Activities for ESL/EFL learners

Cihan University - Duhok

The main objective of this seminar is to target, introduce, explain, and reveal the benefits of some speaking activities in order to enhance students’ speaking skills. It demonstrates the activities in detail and pushes classroom instructors to implement the activities. The purpose of the seminar is to try make the teachers improve and enhance speaking skills for all English language learners by using some activities.



The Challanges of Teaching Literature

Cihan University-Duhok

Learning English is already a challenging task, and when it comes to studying literature in English, the difficulty level increases even further. This workshop was conducted by the lecturer, Miss. Huda Mohammed Salih from the University of Duhok, College of Basic Education, English Department, to investigate the factors underlying the challenges literature teachers face while teaching literature components at the university level. It was also explored how literature teachers overcome challenges. Besides, it discussed the challenges faced by both students and instructors in universities, as well as the ways in which students might overcome these challenges. The speaker and students came up with a lot of solution


Should men have more responsibilties at home?

Cihan University - Duhok

Debate discussion among students from General Education Department (English Branch) and English Department about men's responsibilities at home with women.


Orientation Session

Cihan University - Duhok

Teachers from General Education Department were directing students on choosing English branch or Psychology branch according to their academic level and desire.


Artificial Intelligence, Present and Future

Cihan University - Duhok

The impact of artificial intelligence on people’s lives and the next generationsArtificial intelligence and investment opportunities in the education sector The use of artificial intelligence techniques in the medical field.


Exploring education that can nurture and appeal to Generation Z and Alpha

Stirling School (DDK Hotel & Restaurant, Duhok)

Pre-ICET Workshops are preliminary events of The International Conference on Education & Teaching (ICET). Pre-ICET Workshops intend to work toward solutions for the educational needs within ICET categories with contributions from leading educational experts and institutions in prominent cities of Iraq and KRI. 16 university and school teachers participated in the Pre-ICET Workshops Duhok. University of Duhok, University of Zakho, Nawroz University, Cihan University, Directorate of Education in Duhok, and Directorate of Education in Zakho officially participated in the workshop. During the workshop, some characteristics of Generation Z and Alpha were discussed on two roundtables such as (Digital Literacy, Technology Education, Digitally-supported Education) and explored education that can nurture and appeal to this generation. All the notes of the workshop secretary and the final workshop report are submitted to the ICET Organizing Committee to be officially prepared. The workshop report will be presented in ICET London and ICET Reception Ceremony in Erbil and submitted to the educational authorities. The workshop report will also be published for education communities in the country.

Iraq Stock Exchange – trading indicators for the year 2022. and development requirements. inancial policy in Iraq in determining the priorities of the general budgetFiscal policy in Iraq and Challenges of Exchange Rate Fluctuations, causes, and solutions Evaluating Iraq’s economic relations in the international environment.

Publication Journal


Integrating Coding and Artificial Intelligence in English Language Teaching: A Study at Cihan University-Duhok

International Journal of Humanities and Education Development (JHED) : (Issue : 6) (Volume : 5)

Coding and language acquisition are highly valued in the present world, not only in the educational system but also in daily life and earning a living. In terms of Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc., coding is becoming more and more integrated into daily life. Applying coding to increase the visualization of English learning by smart systems employing AI in the classroom, in the context of English Language Teaching (ELT), may have a significant influence on how students learn. Any civilization needs language to facilitate social interaction because it allows people to communicate their ideas, opinions, and feelings to others while also advancing their knowledge. English is a language that everyone may use to communicate with one another. As a result of the growing tendency of linguistic globalization, bilingualism is becoming a fairly common phenomenon in today's world. This paper will investigate the potential effects of coding on undergraduate students' academic performance and English language comprehension. It tries to assess both levels of learning English and vocabulary by coding using the survey data by SPSS. Additionally, it will make an effort to link the teacher's study level and outside-the-classroom teaching methods. A thorough literature review has been done and a research gap has been found. Then for the study, 60 undergraduate students from the Department of English, Cihan University- Duhok were chosen, and they were requested to take a pre-test to gauge their level of English proficiency. Additionally, the faculty were picked to gauge how easy it was for the students to grasp the language. After introducing coding and smart systems into the learning process, a post-test was conducted, and the outcomes were evaluated. The AI and smart system in the ELT can enhance the way and interest of learning. This study has led to the conclusion that coding can be added to ELT to enhance learning.


Unlocking English Proficiency: Assessing the Influence of AI-Powered Language Learning Apps on Young Learners' Language Acquisition

nternational Journal of English Language, Education and Literature Studies (IJEEL) : (Issue : 6) (Volume : 2)
International Journal of English Language, Education and Literature Studies (IJEEL).

In today's technologically advanced setting, the integration of AI-powered language learning applications has significantly impacted how young learners acquire language proficiency, particularly in English. This study seeks to examine the influence of these innovative tools on the language acquisition process of young students. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing literature, empirical research, and case studies, this research aims to elucidate the multifaceted impact of AI-powered language learning apps on language proficiency among young learners. The investigation begins by exploring the theoretical frameworks underpinning language acquisition and the role of technology, specifically AI, in facilitating language learning. By assessing the effectiveness of these applications in diverse learning environments, the study evaluates their ability to enhance linguistic skills, cultural understanding, and overall proficiency in the English language among young students. Furthermore, it investigates the potential challenges and limitations associated with the utilization of AI-powered language learning apps, considering factors such as individual learning styles, technological access, and educational settings. Through meticulous analysis and synthesis of data, this research endeavors to provide valuable insights into optimizing the integration of AI-powered language learning applications within educational curricula. Understanding the nuances of these tools' impact on young learners' language acquisition processes can aid educators, policymakers, and developers in harnessing their potential effectively.


Students’ Speaking Anxiety in EFL Classroom

International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences : (Issue : 2) (Volume : 8)

Language anxiety is becoming a significant issue in language teaching and learning. It has been a common problem in the EFL context and has had a significant impact on language teaching. Furthermore, students who were learning English felt anxious, and the factors that contributed to their anxiety were identified. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to investigate some of the factors that influence students’ anxiety and to identify the types of anxiety that they experience. The data were collected through questionnaires from 150 students from Cihan University-Duhok General Education Department English Branch second and third year and through semi-structured interviews. The data were analyzed descriptively to answer research questions. The findings indicated that students from Cihan University had a higher level of anxiety. In addition, some factors causing students’ anxiety in learning English were lack of vocabulary, pronunciation, preparation, grammar, and prior knowledge of the classroom activities, including fear of making mistakes, fear of negative evaluation, afraid of being laughed at by other students, and lack of self-confidence.


Speech and thought Presentation in Soon by Alice Munro: A Stylistic Analysis

International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 8)

The different linguistic styles used by the authors in their novels and short stories have made them interesting and challenging to study. Those styles are able to create certain effects on the readers; they might be emphatic, amused, persuaded, or even perplexed. Stylistics aims to examine the relationship between language and artistic function in literature. This research focuses on "Soon," the second and middle story of the Juliet trilogy ("Chance," "Soon" and "Silence") included in Runaway written by Alice Munro. This study used stylistics as an approach to analyze how the speeches and thoughts of the characters in the story are presented and to find out which of the categories of speech presentation are most frequently used in the short story. As a result, the current study discovers 373 presentations in Soon, including 304 speech presentations and 69 thought presentations. The analysis shows that the most commonly used speech presentation modes are FDS and DS which enable the author to make the characters seem independent of the narrator. The FDS technique suggests that the context of speech in the story is clear enough, referring to who the speakers are. The choice of forms of speech presentation as well as the choice of speech act verbs has significant consequences for the degree of importance that is attributed to different utterances, for the projection of viewpoint, and for the creation of a contrast between the characters.


Speach and Thought Presentation in Chance: A Stylistics Analysis

Australian International Academic Centre : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 12)

This study analyses the speech and thought presentation in Chance, a short story written by Alice Munro. The study aims to analyse how the speech and thought of the characters in the short story are presented. The concept of speech and thought presentation is dubious and complex. This study distinguishes speech and thought presentation and identifies either the characters responsible for representing their speech and thought or the narrator whose speech or thought gets to represent in Munro’s short story. The present study follows the speech and thought presentation techniques of Leech and Short (2007). The present study found out how the author used the categories of speech and thought presentation in the short story with all of their categories except DT. The findings of the study revealed a total of 293 speech and thought presentations in the short story. 235 presentations belong to speech presentations, and 58 to thought presentations. FDS and DS are the most occurred speech presentation within the short story which enabled the author to make her characters seem independent of the narrator. The FDS technique suggests that the context of speech in the story is clear enough, referring to whom the speakers are. FIS is the least occurred presentation within the short story. Besides, DT is not found in the whole short story. Munro has given the importance to the external speech rather than internal thought. The study results indicate that wareness towards speech and thought presentations leads to a better understanding of the literary texts.

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