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Birth Date: 1948-07-01

Nationality: British

Address: Newro City

Mohammed Ali Khidhir

Department of Medical Laboratory

.Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics Molecular Microbiology Medical Parasitology Human Genetics
Area Interest
.Microsatellites instability in Cancer Gene Cloning MTHFR mutations and Cardiovascular Diseases (CAD) Effect of UV radiation on DNA repair genes
Teaching Materials
.Molecular Biology Molecular Microbiology Medical Parasitology Bacteriology Human genetics




Arabic (Native)


English (Proficient)


1982 – 1987


Molecular genetics

University of Leicester

Analysis of DNA replication during the SOS response in Escherichia coli

Publication Journal


Chemotherapy induced microsatellite instability and loss of heterozygosity in chromosomes 2, 5, 10, and 17 in solid tumor patients

Cancer Cell International : (Issue : 14) (Volume : 118)

The aim of the study was to evaluate chemotherapy-related microsatellite instability (MSI), loss of heterozygosity (LOH), and loss of mismatch repair (MMR) expression in solid tumor patients.


High incidence of microsatellite instability and loss of heterozygosity in three loci in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy: a prospective study

BMC Cancer : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 12)
Biomedical Center

Isolation of microsatellites genetic markers from cancer patients to study MIS heterozygosity and homozygosity after chemotherapy treatment


Genetic Comparison of Two Different Arabian Oryx Populations in UAE Based on Microsatellite Analysis

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology : (Issue : 12) (Volume : 5)

comparison between the genetic makeup of diffrent Arabian oryx populations in the Arabian Gulf region


Rapid inhibition of mRNA synthesis during preimplantationpermeabilization by lysolecithin potentiates the action of alfa amanitin embryo development: Vital

Experimental Research : (Issue : 619-625) (Volume : 219)

The work was attempting to potentiate the ability to let lfa aminitin enter the embryo cells at the blastocyst stage without any damage. an approach toward Gene therapy


Purification of DNA using Guanidine Thiocyanate and Isobutyl Alcohol fractionation

Cell Biology : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 1)

New method for DNA purification of DNA fragment for cloning and sequences purposes.


In vitro replication and mutagenesis of ColE1 plasmid DNA in extracts from repair deficient Escherichia coli mutants Casaregola, S. , Khidhir, M. , Barry Holland, I. BBA - Gene Structure and Expression, 1989, 1008(1), pp. 45–5

BBA - Gene Structure and Expression, 1989, 1008(1), pp. 45–51 : (Issue : 1) (Volume : 1008)

Establishment of an invtro replication system of Plasmid ColiE1 using different mutations in E.coli


Effects of modulation of RNase H production on the recovery of DNA synthesis following UV-irradiation in Escherichia coli

MGG Molecular & General Genetics : (Issue : 3 pp494-498) (Volume : 209)

Effect of modulation of Rnase H activity on the recovery of DNA replication following UV radiation.


Mechanism of transient inhibition of DNA synthesis in ultraviolet-irradiated E. coli: Inhibition is independent of recA whilst recovery requires RecA protein itself and an additional, inducible SOS function

MGG Molecular and General Genetics : (Issue : 1 pp133-14) (Volume : 199)

Analysis of Inhibition and recovery of DNA synthesis after UV irradiation in E.coli

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